Our Gelato

Taste the Gelato with its unique flavor to appreciate the genuine taste that you will savor


The Freshest Seasonal Fruit


The Richest Cocoa & Coffee


The Highest-Quality Milk

Our Philosophy

In the Gelato Cimmino, store your gelato will be made in front of you! Watch the exquisite dessert come together and then enjoy it served to you in a tasty cone or cup.

In addition to fruits, citrus, and other favorites, unique Italian flavors such as Caffe’ Affogato, (gelato with coffee poured over the top) and Caffe’ del Nonno (creamy coffee gelato with a mix of other flavors) will be available in the stores.

Gelato Cimmino the true taste of Italy… on a spoon!

  • Toasted hazelnuts from Giffoni
  • Almonds from Puglia
  • Pistachios from Bronte
  • Walnuts from Sorrento
  • Apricots from the Vesuvius
  • Strawberries from the Acerno Forest
  • Lemons from the Amalfi Coast
  • Cocoa and Coffee from Central America