What is gelato ?

“Gelato” means ice cream in Italian. However, the origin and production process of gelato is vastly different than that of how Americans think of ice cream. Gelato Cimmino is particularly unique because it is made from scratch using only the finest, natural products sourced directly from Italy. It is made using an old family recipe that involves small batches, and is made in front of you. To learn more about our founder and owner, Mario Cimmino, read here about how we got started.

What are the differences between gelato and ice cream?

As mentioned above, gelato is sourced and processed very differently than ice cream. So, you may be asking, “what does that entail?” Regular ice cream has a higher level of air which can take away from the flavor. Lower volumes of air in gelato create a velvety smooth texture and remarkable flavor experience. Also, gelato typically has lower fat due to lower amounts of milk and cream.

What is sorbetto?

Sorbetto is Italian sorbet. Made only of water, sugar and fruit, vegans rejoice. Gelato Cimmino sorbetto is 100% free of dairy and animal products. Don’t think you’ll miss out on any velvety-ness though. Our sorbetto is super rich and smooth, making for a phenomenal flavor experience.

Do you have any dairy-free products?

Yes! All of our sorbettos are dairy-free. Try a crowd favorite such as Raspberry, Blueberry or Lemon.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes! Almost all of our flavors are gluten-free. However, check with our staff during your visit because flavors and/or ingredients may change from time to time

Is Gelato Cimmino a chain?

Nope! We are a family owned and operated store. Mario Cimmino grew up in Italy with his family. One of his favorite family memories is making gelato, and that is what drove him to bring Gelato Cimmino to Scottsdale.

How many flavors can I sample when I visit?

You can try as many as you want – we don’t blame you. Click here to see the latest flavors we have available.

I heard Italy has great coffee, do you have any of that?

Most definitely – pair your gelato with an authentic latte or espresso.

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